Monday, April 5, 2010

Staireway to Manaoag

This is our tribute for our God almighty by means of walking in Holy week. Me and my friends Eric, Christian, Mark Dennis and Aik Aik we started walking in Calasiao to Manaoag. Although this is not my first time its my 2nd time actually to walk to Manaoag but I felt that its my first time to walk because of the pain that you will feel when you are walking about 3 hours and enjoyment because you have your friends with you laughing and imagining wierd things while we are in the road :D

After a long walk about 4 hours we reach our destination Manaoag. We felt that our body become lighter its odd!? because for all of our struggles when we our in the road and for all the pain that we encounter we felt lighter when we arrive. We know that God is there for us to guide us way back to him .

Our Pic when we arrive in Manaoag

Left to right Aik Aik and dennis our first pic when we arrive in Manaoag

Actually we 3 first came in Manaoag in our group. While we still waiting for 2 of our friends to came we decided to take a pic :D haha

While waiting for our lady of Manaoag. Btw the person in the middle is Christian

Another pic the person on the left is Eric

ah here it comes our lady of Manaoag :D

The our lady of manaoag side view :D

another one :D

actually we are in a van at that time XD

That one also hahah XD

Waiting for a jeep at the front of pizza hut :D

We decided that next year we will walk again and bring more friends with us :D
Thats all Hope you like it XD
(year 2010)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Search for the Missing Baby!!

As you see this image theres a couple who lost their baby... But there's a mystery over that picture... Unfortunately, while they are standing near the tree, Suddenly their "baby showed up" through that picture! So can you figure out where is their missing baby !!?

If you need a clue just leave a message and ill give you a hint..

So Goodluck!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Foundation

The Foundation of our class BSIT Section B

The Bright

Bryan S. Villanueva aka The Bright his the most clever and smarter on our class. Easy to approach when it comes at our lesson .His kind when it comes at Alyzza XD heheh also in his fellow classmate.

Campus Crush

Meet Alyzza Mangonon aka Campus Crush the very noticeable because of her charm. Shes kind to his fellow classmate but sometimes moody but all the time shes happy-go-lucky favorite line "My Ice Cream Bryan!!".

The Emo

Meet Kim Ruin aka The Emo. She loves to wear emo stuff like voodoo doll and threaten emo.


Kevin Castro aka semi Emo because he loves to wear black clothes and obsessed in his hair style. His not emotionally lonely like other emo out there. For me his a typical guy that interacts to other people so well thats all i can say.. PS. No offence Kevin ^^V

The Trio

From left to right: Jackson Solomon , Jeric Pichay , Francis Rene Prado
aka The trio (In Tagalog "Ang Tatlong Itlog"). They are the funniest in our class. The moment thing that they do when jackson wear a plain red polo and Francis wear plain yellow polo while jeric wear plain blue polo. If you combined the 3 colors what would be the outcome!? Clue:It have 3 stars and 1 sun. PS. LOL!!

The Cool

Robert Urtula aka The Cool.I Idolize him when it comes in Infomation Technology. His not good in programming but when it comes in computer networking you'll be amazed by his knowledge and skill. His kind and good looking guy (Charing*)

The Normal

And finally this me Emarth PeƱafiel aka hmmm!? i dont have one. Just look at my About me page .

Picture of ours
Together we stay us one

(our AMA Aquaintance Party Picture)


(The Taray Queens)

(Watta smille!)

(How many Koala's are there!? answer:8)


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hard Drive

Final renders for my hard drive model all done in Cinema 4D and post work in Photoshop.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

LOL Dog's vs. LOL Cat's for man's best friend!?

In the Red Corner:
The LOL's Dog


In the Blue Corner:
The LOL's Cat

who do u think will be the winner!?

who ever wins man's going insane by their pets!!

wahahah XD